Sunday, November 2, 2008

Berry Pie

In these fall days with winter almost upon us, I sometimes long for the days of summer. The fruits of summer.. the desserts of summer... So I decided that this weekend's dessert should be an expression of that longing! Oh, and I wanted to make a pie. I was going to make apple, but that would be too fall appropriate. So I decided to make a berry pie. In my supermarket I found frozen strawberries and blueberries and fresh blackberries! It was settled- mixed berry pie. I wish I had a recipe for you-- I don't. I just threw together the berries with about a cup of sugar, some flour and cornstarch, a bit of salt, vanilla, and lemon juice. The crust recipe I used was the trusty and appropriately named KAF Guarantee recipe. I baked until beautiful but sliced way too early. Of course I let it cool for a few hours but I realized that pies like this should be refrigerated for a generous amount of time before slicing because the juices will run uncontrollably. When I sliced into it Friday night that's exactly what happened. But when I refrigerated for serving the next day, slices were clean. I guess I'll just have to exercise some restraint next time. The flavor was realllly good and fresh- a nice balance between sweet and tart. Satisfied my summer craving, that's for sure.

The dough draped into the pan,

and trimmed to fit.Here's the filling. Just some berries and stuff.
Filling in the pie. Look at those colors!

The pie is covered and ready to bake!

My finished, and oozing, berry pie!

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