Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chocolate(s) Mousse Cake

Some months ago, my friend S got engaged and her wedding is fast approaching. Crazy! So, her friends, myself included, got together to throw her a bridal shower. And you know what that means: dessert. Aware of my baking reputation, the hosts of the shower specifically requested that I make dessert. That was a request that I just could not turn down. What baker can? After a lot of thought and research as usual, I decided to make a multi-layered mousse cake that I've kept reserved in my must try files for a special occasion such as this. This recipe is so caloric and rich that it can only be pulled out for that rare but special event. This multi-step cake involved assembling a base, two layers of mousse- dark and white chocolates- and a chocolate topping. The "crust" is rice crispies, some nutella and milk chocolate topped with dark chocolate cream and white chocolate cream. It's pretty simple, it mostly requires time to allow all the components to freeze sufficiently. I divided the work over two days. Can you say divinely decadent? I think I can. Needless to say, this cake stole the show. So much so that I have no final shot to show for it. Oh well, you'll have to see for yourselves. Here's how it was done:

The melted milk chocolate and Nutella.

Rice crispies!

The chocolate-nutella mixture and rice crispies combine and pressed into the springform pan. Sorry for the fuzzy photo!

Let the ganache making begin: chocolate and cream waiting to be melted.


Coming together...

Done! And looking smooth...

Here it is spread in the pan after being whipped with more cream and on its way to the freezer.

Here we go again! White chocolate and cream.

All silky smooth.
White chocolate cream whipped. This stuff is beyond heavenly. A great stand alone dessert with strawberries. But that's another post.

Here's the cream spread over the dark chocolate mousse and headed for its run in the freezer.

Here's the cake covered with another dark chocolate ganache. I know, it never ends.
The spring form pan graciously cooperated and the removal was clean. Oh, did I mention that I, being the spaz I am, ruined the final top layer because while carrying it to its final destination, I had put a plate of Cafe Au Lait Bars on top and it cause the foil covering to stick to the chocolate. I just don't think sometimes! Nobody seemed to mind but me. Hehe.
Altogether, it was a grand success. May you all enjoy many good and happy times, food and fun with the ones you love. Happy baking! Or should I say, moussing?

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