Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweet Potato Rolls

The winds have changed and summer is finally here. We've had some beautifully cool days along with some disgustingly hot days but overall, I couldnt be happier to welcome summer. Kids heading off to day camp, the smell of pine trees that remind me of my childhood days upstate, fresh laundry hanging out on the line, soon to come in clean and sunkissed.... nothing better. I've been spending time in Jerusalem, hanging out with friends, baking a bit, and overall just lazing about enjoying my vacation. And while all that is just idyllic, it can't be overlooked that the summer months are accompanied by some pretty sad days on the Jewish calendar, yesterday being one of them. The seventeenth of Tammuz marks the first day of the siege around Jerusalem. It begins the three week period of mourning which culminates in the ninth of Av, the commemoration of the destruction of the Temples. We observe both days by fasting. Yesterday's fast was long but I got through it by baking and to break it, I went in to Jerusalem to break it over good food and the good company of friends. So what did I bake? These rolls and a potato pizza which Ill blog about later. My friend A, the host of the meal, asked me to make something that could be incorporated into the meal. I suggested breads as that's part of my specialty, and everyone knows I dont cook particularly well, so she suggested sweet potatoes rolls. Now that was no big deal as I adore sweet potatoes, have been eating them non stop these few weeks and always have a few around. This recipe is adapted from this one and I must say that not only were they fun to make, what with all the shaping and all, but they came out beautifully. The texture was soft without being squishy, had a beautiful orange color with some bits of sweet potato hanging out and nice, roll flavor. They really are multi-purpose and accompanied our meal quite nicely. This a great roll recipe to keep in your repertoire. The feedback from these? Uh-ma-zing.

Sweet Potato Rolls
adapted from King Arthur Flour

1/2 cup soy milk
2 tsp instant yeast
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp salt
1 egg
3/4 cup cooked mashed sweet potato
3 1/4 cups all purpose flour, or more as needed

Have your sweet potatoes mashed and ready to go.
Place the milk, yeast, salt, egg, oil and sweet potato in a bowl,and whisk to blend.
Add most of the flour,
and stir to form a shaggy dough.
Gather the dough and turn it out onto a floured surface.
Kneaded until it is smooth and not sticky, about five to six minutes.
Place in a large bowl, grease the top and turn to coat. Set aside to rise for about an hour and a half.
The dough will not have doubled but will be noticeably puffy.
Turn the dough out onto a floured surface.
Portion the dough, I opted for ten rolls.
Roll the dough into logs and allow to rest for easier rolling.
Roll the dough into strands and shape each individual into a kaiser shape. Takes lots of practice, but you'll get it right.
Place on a parchment lined baking sheet and allow to proof for about 35 minutes. Preheat your oven to 375.
Once proofed, glaze the rolls with a beaten egg. Top with sesame seeds, if desired.
Bake for 17-19 minutes until nice and golden brown.
These rolls have been Yeastspotted!


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YUM!! Can't wait to bake these, thank you for sharing!! This was reposted on Facebook, you have some new fans :)

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