Monday, January 26, 2009

Challah- 5 Strand Braid

Here's how to make a beautiful 5 strand braid. The resulting loaf has a lovely ridge down the center. The mantra to repeat as you're braiding is 1 over 3, 2 over 3, 5 over 2. Just remember, practice makes perfect!

Begin with five strands rolled out and attached at the top.

Take the left most strand, the first one, and bring it over the third strand.
Take the second strand and bring it over the third.
Bring the right most strand, the fifth, and bring it over the second. It should be right after the first strand and next to the strands that are overlapping. Repeat until the end. Adjust the braid so that the ridge is centered.

Simple and oh so lovely. A guide on the six strand with the recipe will follow soon. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely job! I find that the five strand is the trickiest to get right for some reason.