Monday, October 13, 2008

Scali Bread

Ever attempt to recreate a childhood favorite and fail to hit the nail right on the head? So do I. But this time.... I got it so right. I remember so clearly my father bringing home a loaf of sesame seed coated Italian bread every Sunday on his way home from work which we would opt to eat either which cream cheese or with his famous tuna fish. Yu-uhm! Since I have this perpetual need to show my father that all my books and equipment was not mere wasteful spending, I decided to make this bread for him, as I know he adores it as well and hasn't enjoyed it lately. Finding the recipe wasn't too hard as I had my eye on this Scali Bread since it showed up on the King Arthur blog, which can be seen here. It sounded like it should do the trick. Although it requires an overnight starter, this is a very easy bread to whip up especially if you use the KitchenAid as your mixing method. The only change I made was to omit the dry milk to keep the bread nondairy. Truthfully, it made no discernible difference as the bread was so crusty yet soft in the middle and deliciously sesame flavored. I'm keeping a close eye on this recipe. (I didn't completely follow her method-- I braided the dough, let it rise, and then egged and seeded the bread- this was totally unintentional-- I just wasn't paying attention.)

The risen overnight starter.

All the ingredients in the mixing bowl.

Mixed to a smooth but slightly tacky dough. You might need to adjust the consistency slightly with a drop of water as I did.
Ready to rise!

Nicely risen,

and turned out.

Divided into three..

and stranded!

Braided and ready for proofing.

Proofed, seeded and ready to bake.


Looks and tastes the part. Gonna savor this one!

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