Saturday, December 31, 2011


This is a For the Love of Bread first--- ready for it? A savory recipe! Usually I leave the savory cooking to my sister, caterer and author of the terrific blog The Gush Gourmet but this recipe does require a yeasted dough, which is right up my alley. And so these Sambusek, the Israeli version of samosas filled with onions and chickpeas, are both the first savory post on this blog and the last for 2011. Needing something to bring to a vegetarian dinner, I gave this recipe a try last week and really liked them, although they were baked. This weekend, I made them again for Shabbat lunch and in the spirit of Chanuka, decided to fry them. Needless to say, they were much better :) This recipe comes from an Israeli cookbook on baked goods. The recipe calls for raw chickpeas to be soaked and then chopped in the food processor to be added to fried onions. I think next time I make them, I'd use canned chickpeas so that the chickpea flavor really comes through. I made the dough the night before and stashed it away to rise in the fridge. It's a simple dough and really kneads and rolls beautifully. These also reheat and freeze well. Try making them with an accompanying sauce for Shabbat dinner or as finger foods for a party. Here's to another year of blogging! This post is off to Yeastspotting!

from Sheshet

1 kilo flour
2 tbsp yeast
1 tbsp sugar
3/4 cup oil
2 cups water
2 tsp salt

2 cups chickpeas, soaked in water for twenty four hours
2 tbsp oil
2 onions, chopped
salt and better
cumin, optional

oil for frying

Knead together all the dough ingredients to form a smooth elastic dough. Chill overnight or allow to rise until doubled before proceeding with the recipe.
When ready to prepare them, start on the filling. Drain the chickpeas and process in a food processor until they are roughly chopped. Heat the oil and fry the onions until soft and delicious. Add the chickpeas and season to taste. Cook a few minutes extra. Allow the filling to cool completely.
Roll the dough out and using a medium sized round cutter cut out circles. Place a teaspoon of filling in the center and seal well. Set aside to rise while heating the oil.
Fry until golden brown on one side. Flip them over and finish frying.
Drain on paper towels. 

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