Saturday, February 25, 2012

Biscuit Cake

My commander recently got married, and to celebrate we threw her a little surprise party at the beginning of last week. I was told to make a cheesecake and planned to make a white chocolate cheesecake and some brownies with a cheese topping (for another post!). Well, the cheesecake flopped, so I was back to the drawing board. I flipped through ALL my cookbooks and finally decided to make this biscuit cake. The original recipe comes from Carine Goren's Sweet Secrets but is heavily adapted and doesnt resemble the original in anyway. I basically made the cream and layered it with vanilla and chocolate biscuits and topped with some mocha sauce I had laying around. The result was so delicious and for some reason, nostalgic. It reminded one of my friends of a cake her mother made growing up and it brought me back to one of my first baking experiences ever- making a no-bake biscuit cake in my sixth grade baking group. This cake is not only super easy to make but is lick-the-bowl-clean delicious. Make sure to freeze this cake so it's firm and sliceable. It's kind of messy to eat no matter what, but that makes it even better, I think. Putting this one in the drawer for Shavuot!

Biscuit Cake 
My Way

250 grams whipping cream
1 cup soy milk
1 package vanilla pudding
1/4 cup sugar
250 grams gvina levana
Plain and chocolate tea biscuits

Chocolate sauce, optional:
1/2 cup cream
1 tsp instant  coffee powder
100 grams chocolate

Place the cream, milk, pudding and sugar in a mixing bowl. Beat until firm peaks. It takes a bit of a while, be patient. Add the cheese and beat one more minute to incorporate.
Spoon about a quarter of the mixture into a nine inch springform. Top with a layer of plain biscuits, broken to fit. Pour another layer and then top with chocolate. Repeat with more filling and plain biscuits and top with the remaining filling. Smooth topping. Freeze.
To make the sauce, heat cream and coffee, stirring to dissolve. Pour over chocolate and whisk until smooth. Pour over cake.

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