Monday, June 30, 2014

Gone Vegan

Raw Vegan, to be exact.
If there's any reason that can explain or justify my prolonged absence from this blog, I guess that would be it. Let me elaborate.

About six months ago, I stumbled on a blog at work written by a person who had done a thirty day Raw Vegan trial. My first impression was, wow, this is weird. As I kept reading, about the lifestyle, about the benefits, I started thinking it sounded amazing and, doable. At the time, I was not eating well or balanced at all and I thought it might be a good opportunity to make a change. And make a change I did.

The transition to raw veganism has wrought many changes. It has taken time to get to know the ups and downs of this diet, what makes me feel good, what my body needs, what it doesnt. The changes are mostly positive ones. (You know those people who tease you for eating differently? Never fun.) Without counting a single calorie or weighing myself once, my weight dropped significantly, I wake up with plenty of energy and have noticed a positive change in my moods. I've eliminated all processed foods from my diet and revamped my pantry in the process. Naturally, that effects my baking. Eating Raw Vegan aside, when people asked me to bake or bring dessert somewhere, I had to decline. I found the idea of buying or baking with margarine and other processed ingredients physically painful. Although I wouldn't eat it anyway, it was hard to stomach the thought of deliberately making things and having people I care about eat them.

So where does that leave me and this blog? I, for one, am very happy and feeling good. I didn't want to take this blog and turn it into something I never intended it should be. I didn't think it appropriate. Maybe one day I'll pop up somewhere else on the blogosphere but for now, I think this is where the blog comes to an end.

So there you have it. To all the people who may have read my blog, made any of my recipes or left a comment, thank you! It meant, and still means, a lot.

Be happy and healthy!