Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shabbat Dessert Roundup Part 2: White White Chocolate Tart

Four finals down, one to go. I finished my exam not too long ago, of course before all of my Israeli classmates did. Before the semester ended, the teacher, who is American, gave us the list of questions to prepare for the exam which left us ample time to prepare. Out of the possible eight questions, we'd be presented with four and be required to answer three. He also told us that each question must be answered in a page or less and any more would result in a deduction of points. Now here is the part that drives me crazy. My Israeli classmates, who should be more than well prepared, are writing pages after pages, some even needing another notebook, and staying in the exam room for so long it makes me nervous that I didn't write enough. I thought I came prepared, but after finishing to write in record time all I'd prepared and sitting there reading through the eleven chapters on the test to kill time, I wasn't so sure. I'm telling you, they really know how to make me insecure! As I speak, they are probably still writing. All I can say is, I hope this teacher takes his points deduction threat seriously! I'm not aiming too high. I've been in university here for two years already. When will I learn?! Anyway, all this talk of finals has a point. And that is to say that because of finals, we can't host any meals in our dorms. So A took the reigns and decided to host a lunch in her dorm this past weekend. She, as per her usual, opted to make the meal dairy. I was asked to do dessert and I happily obliged. She requested a white chocolate mousse, but I've been doing mousse so much lately that I was sort of bored with it. Instead, I decided to make a white chocolate ganache, courtesy of Sherry Yard, and just put it in a tart shell, courtesy of Dorie Greenspan. This also played on my (intended) theme of black and white. This is the White White Chocolate Tart, stay tuned for the Chocolate Chocolate Cream Roll. Simple and elegant, this dessert received raves. It was uh-mazing. It also could not have been easier to prepare. You can make the tart dough the night before. Refrigerate the tart after filling so that the ganache can set.

White White Chocolate Tart

1 9 inch tart shell, baked (I used Dorie's sweet tart shell)

8 ounces good quality white chocolate
4 tbsp butter or margarine, softened
1/4 cup heavy cream
1 tbsp corn syrup
1 tbsp rum, optional

Have your tart shell baked and cooled.Place the chocolate and margarine in a bowl; set aside.In a saucepan, place the cream and corn syrup. Stir to combine.Bring to a boil. Pour this mixture over the chocolate.If the chocolate cools down the cream before it melts completely, continue to melt over a double boiler.Pour into your tart shell. Spread evenly. Chill before covering with saran wrap so as not to ruin the top. See? Easy as... tart!


Leah said...

this looks delicious!
gotta try this one.
was it as good as it looks?

Esther said...

it does look really goooooooood!